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Our role goes beyond real-estate development. We ensure that the houses we create are the homes you are looking for and can enjoy in the future. We participate in sustainability research projects and tests because taking care of the environment is taking care of ourselves and our wellbeing.



We collaborate with entities and companies on research projects as a testing laboratory and a place where they can develop projects related with sustainability, air quality, reusing water, etc., such as the following:

Taking care of the environment
is taking care of your wellbeing.

Natural water purification
via phytodepuration plants which are not only decorative landscaping features but are also capable of purifying waste water that is then used to irrigate green areas.



The inoculation of the roots of plants with microorganisms
helps to increase plant growth. In other words, the plants will grow stronger with fewer fertilizers. This positively effects the environment and reduces the emissions that come from chemical products.


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